I’m a Jewish anarchist queer who writes on the politics of gender, violence, and accountability. I work full time as an advocate for improving LGBT+ healthcare on NHS Scotland, and I run a support group called Not Your Fault for men and non-binary people who have experienced sexual violence.

My writing has been featured in a book on Queer Privacy, several wonderful zines, and (less excitingly) The Guardian and Morning Star—here’s a full list of my publications. I give lectures at universities, GUM clinics, and sex parties, and I’ve appeared in films shown at BAFTA and BFI festivals, and in web television on youtube and Sky News. My book, The A–Z of Gender and Sexuality, will be published in April 2019 and is available for pre-order now.

At the London School of Economics I bought earned an MSc (Hons) in International Relations Theory. My academic background is in North Korean nuclear deterrence politics. My recent research has focused on queer/trans theory in international politics.

I’m bisexual, autistic, trans, and non-binary (he/him pronouns). I am from the US and live in Glasgow.

Some things I really like: gender variance, יידיש אנארכיזמ (דאלוי פאָליצײַ!), Star Trek TOS and TAS, retro futurism, mixtapes, public transportation, playing Bach, vegan cooking, high ISO, space communism, and the internet.

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