“Pansy” EP Cassette

Queer songs about trauma and gender and love and ugliness, written during a spring of heartbreak and homelessness.

Side A: Jaunty, creepy songs about feelings. Some are on a 90s synth, some on a borrowed acoustic guitar. At the end of Side A is a different cover song on each tape; things like Leonard Cohen, Prince, the Magnetic Fields, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Rick Astley.

Side B: Solo improvised cello noise. The cello can be beautiful, but it can also howl with anguish like ghosts punishing both player and listener. Each tape is different but you can expect to hear sensual aimlessness, wind, textures, errors, aching, confusion, resignation, and menace.

There are 28 cassette tapes of this EP. Each cassette was recorded direct-to-tape in Morgan’s bedroom in southeast London, so each one is unique (for better or for worse). They have pink hand-painted shells, hand-written liner notes, and variant hand-drawn plant portraits. They include a small fact-sheet about the plant on the cover. There are 28 of them.
Songs, instrumentation, recording, and artwork by Morgan Potts; the fault lies with me alone.

The cassettes are priced on an experimental pay-what-you-can model: one tape for £1, one for £2, one for £3, and so on up to £28. £28 is a lot for a cassette but the more expensive tapes will “subsidize” the cheaper tapes & worldwide shipping costs, and keep the artist (me) from starving. They’re all recorded individually, with individual art, and there are only 28 of them! Every one is unique and ~limited edition~

The digital version is free, or pay-what-you-want. You can hear it and buy it on bandcamp.
15% of the sales (digital + analogue) from this EP will be donated to Action For Trans Health.

How to buy a tape

All the tapes are sold! Though you might be able to find some at Category Is Books; 100% of those proceeds will go to Action For Trans Health Edinburgh.

Send me an email with the subject line “PANSY” and tell me which tape you’d like to buy. I’ll email you back to confirm your tape is still available, with my paypal and bank account details; once I receive payment from you I’ll mark it as “GONE” and ship it within a few days (if we’re local, you can pay me in cash). I’ll sell them on a first-emailed-first-served basis.

Prices listed include worldwide shipping (2nd class signed for), even for the £1 tape. This is an experimental pricing model to make art more accessible, so if you want to buy one you’re highly encouraged to pick the most expensive tape you can comfortably afford. Be honest with yourself and don’t spend too little or too much.

Tape 01 of 28: Adiantum aethiopicum


Tape 02 of 28: Aloe juvenna


Tape 03 of 28: Aloe vera


Tape 04 of 28: Aloe vera


Tape 05 of 28: Asparagus setaceus


Tape 06 of 28: Calathea ornata


Tape 07 of 28: Calathea veitchiana


Tape 08 of 28: Cephalocereus senilis


Tape 09 of 28: Chlorophytum comosum


Tape 10 of 28: Chlorophytum comosum

£10 GONE

Tape 11 of 28: Crassula perforata

£11 GONE

Tape 12 of 28: Crassula perforata

£12 GONE

Tape 13 of 28: Cyanotis somaliensis

£13 GONE

Tape 14 of 28: Dracaena marginata

£14 GONE

Tape 15 of 28: Echeveria echeveria

£15 GONE

Tape 16 of 28: Fittonia verschaffeltii

£16 GONE

Tape 17 of 28: x. Graptoveria cv. titubans

£17 GONE

Tape 18 of 28: Hedera algeriensis

£18 GONE

Tape 19 of 28: Hedera algeriensis

£19 GONE

Tape 20 of 28: Kalanchoe orgyalis

£20 GONE

Tape 21 of 28: Kalanchoe sexangularis

£21 GONE

Tape 22 of 28: Mammillaria elongata

£22 GONE

Tape 23 of 28: Orchidaceae phalaenopsis

£23 GONE

Tape 24 of 28: Ravenea rivularis

£24 GONE

Tape 25 of 28: Ravenea rivularis

£25 GONE

Tape 26 of 28: Sansevieria trifasciata

£26 GONE

Tape 27 of 28: Spathiphllum wallisii

£27 GONE

Tape 28 of 28: Tradescantia zebrina

£28 GONE