Reflections on Trans Academia panel

Content note: institutional transphobia; Islamophobia; sexual assault mention   Details Tuesday 17 November 2015,  1900–2100 Main Building, City University, London From the facebook event page: “This panel explores some of the complexities of transgender and academia as they intersect” Host: Sahra Ray Taylor (she/her) Panel: Natacha Kennedy … Continue readingReflections on Trans Academia panel

Star Trek: The Next Generation is too straight (and racist)

As a relatively new fan to Star Trek, I’ve been playfully admonished for enjoying the camp and queer-baiting The Original Series (never mind the primitive shaky-cam special effects); I’ve also been told that I would much prefer Patrick Stewart’s Captain Picard to William Shatner’s over-acted … Continue readingStar Trek: The Next Generation is too straight (and racist)

Book Review: Cat Country [1932] by Lao She

Lao She, Cat Country [貓城記]. William A Lyell, trans. Penguin Books: Melbourne, 2013 [1932]. ISBN: 978-0-14-320812-9 A Chinese man crash-lands on Mars, finding himself in a country inhabited by Cat People. One of my colleagues and I have a long-standing mutual exchange of books whenever … Continue readingBook Review: Cat Country [1932] by Lao She