"Bisexual Banter" Episode 3: Trans/Bi

[Image description: crinkled holographic paper, reflecting light in many colors] This project was lots of fun to film and I’m really happy with how it’s turning out. “Cis” is a very specific thing, and “trans” is all the rest of it. Gender is infinite. Here we … Continue reading"Bisexual Banter" Episode 3: Trans/BiContinue reading"Bisexual Banter" Episode 3: Trans/Bi

"Bisexual Banter" Episode 2: Identity

[Image description: Black television (turned off) embedded into a wall which is painted purple on the top and red on the bottom, divided by a horizontal white line] Catch me on youtube talking about bisexuality and identity labels: I still identify as “bisexual”; it’s a … Continue reading"Bisexual Banter" Episode 2: Identity