Accidental Modeling

[Image description: Half-body shot of white masc with dark eyes and dark hair and fringe wearing a black suit, blue shirt with white buttons on the collar, black and white zig-zag tie with silver tie clip, pink triangle lapel pin, black sparkly pocket square, and blue lipstick faces camera with slight smile; solid pale green/blue background]
This winter I was approached by a design studio and photographer to model for them, which was a pleasant surprise as I’m not a model.

Image description: Wide full body shot of the same model, hands and pale blue nail polish now visible, standing on a transparent box against same solid pale background; hair slightly more askew

Morgan close
Image description: Larger version of the first image of the model

“You’re so David Lynch” they said. “You look like a boy wearing lipstick!”; edgy, on trend.
“I am a boy wearing lipstick,” I had to remind them.

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