ASEAN Is Not A Security Community (Yet)

My article on ASEAN’s lasting peace and the fallacies of “grand theories” of international relations:

Since the formation of the Association of South East Asian Nations in 1967 with the Bangkok Declaration, there have been no major wars between its members – although there have been a number of militarized border disputes. Constructivists (Amitav Acharya premier among them, writing on the subject from 1991–present) maintain that this “lasting peace” is the result of community, and that ASEAN is therefore a security community (SC). I contend that there are more important factors than community at play that are responsible for the lack of war, and moreover that ASEAN is not as secure as it appears.

I also throw in a not-so-subtle jab at liberal democracy near the end. The full article is published on The Diplomat.

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